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© Charlotte Misselwitz
© Charlotte Misselwitz

Charlotte Misselwitz

Science/Topics focusing on the previously divided Germany

March, April, May 2022

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg

Charlotte Misselwitz works in Berlin as a journalist and media researcher. Her essays and features in print and radio deal with questions and stories between Germany, Israel and Eastern Europe. She was born in East Berlin and lived for a longer time in Russia and Israel. In Wiepersdorf she will work journalistically as well as academically on 'Anti-Semitism in the GDR versus the attachment of Jews to the state'. Using the grandchildren of the scientist Albert Wollenberger as an example, the left-wing heritage of the Jews in the GDR will be examined as a "blessing and a curse". In this way, Charlotte Misselwitz continues a recent German-German academic and media debate that she initiated together with historians such as Sonia Combe and Wolfgang Herzberg. At issue are prevailing representations of the GDR as 'anti-Semitic,' for example, which are sometimes contrasted with far more progressive conditions in the GDR. Her dissertation, "Stereotypisierungen des Muslimischen in deutschen und israelischen Medien. Narrative Rückspiegelungen durch Medienkunstprojekte" (Stereotyping the Muslim in German and Israeli Media. Narrative Reflections through Media Art Projects) at the Universities of Essen-Duisburg and Tel Aviv will soon be published by De Gruyter.