Past events

Science - Ecology - Activism. Eva Horn and Klaus Dörre
online | on demand
Klaus Dörre © Angelika Osthues | Eva Horn © Eva Horn

Ecological problems are - from an economic point of view - consequences of the capitalist economy as a disastrous management of the earth. From the perspective of the Anthropocene debates in cultural studies, however, ecological questions can lead to a fundamental repositioning of man in the world as well as his perception of this world. In the conversation between the literature and cultural studies scholar Eva Horn and the economic sociologist Klaus Dörre, these different perspectives are conveyed.

German-German Asymmetries. Christoph Dieckmann and Ulf Erdmann Ziegler
Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus, Chausseestraße 125, 10115 Berlin
Ulf Erdmann Ziegler © Jürgen Bauer | Christoph Dieckmann © Ch. Links Verlag

A quarter of a century after reunification, the cultural debate in the new Federal Republic of Germany is still characterized by asymmetrical experiences and perceptions. Yet not only the GDR, but also the old Federal Republic has come to its multifaceted end.

Judith Zander: „Johnny Ohneland“
Schlosspark Wiepersdorf
Judith Zander © Heike Bogenberger | Katharina Franck © Z. Zimmermann

With her second novel, Judith Zander has presented a kaleidoscope of self-discovery and memory. Written in the "you" form, she traces her main character layer by layer. It's about a girl who prefers to be Johnny instead of Joana, childhood in the GDR, youth in transition, the search for identity - including gender identity. The author worked on this novel for years, and the 500-page work was partly written in Wiepersdorf.

Stefan Hofmann: Dialectic of Equality. Achim von Arnim's anti-Jewish Speech in Context
on demand

In the early summer of 1811, Achim von Arnim gave a speech in Berlin before the German Tischgesellschaft entitled “Über die Kennzeichen des Judentums”. In it, he addressed the question of whether and how Jews could be recognized in everyday life, making use of various anti-Jewish topoi. In a conversation with Theresa Eisele, a fellow of the Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf, historian Stefan Hofmann discusses Arnim's speech as a paradigmatic text of hostility towards Jews in the early 19th century

Günter Agde: Literature and Film. Günter Kunert
on demand

Throughout his life, the German poet Günter Kunert (1929 - 2019) wrote numerous texts for the cinema, and his films form a significant, yet hitherto largely unknown, part of the German cinematic repertoire. Kunert's short story "Zentralbahnhof" (1972), a work full of Kafkaesque ciphers and timeless and placeless allusions, has inspired quite a few German filmmakers to adapt this prose for the cinema.

ERINYEN NOW. Performance and studio tour
Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf | Atelierhaus, Terrace, Castle Park
Samira Freitag/Project ERINYEN NOW, © Matze Spohn

The group project ERINYEN NOW is dedicated to the Erinyes (Furies), the goddesses of vengeance and representatives of maternal law, and their transmission in art, also from a feminist point of view, through an exhibition and an art novel.

Nezaket Ekici: The proximity of distance (Performance)
Departure from the Castle Square at 2 pm
Nezaket Ekici/Schloss Wiepersdorf Fashion Collection, © N. Ekici

Nezaket Ekici will leave Wiepersdorf Castle on Sunday, August 22, 2021, and travel to Berlin by carriage. The trip lasts three days and ends on Tuesday, August 24, 2021. This trip refers to the journeys Bettine and Achim von Arnim made about two hundred years ago to come to each other.

Open Studios
Tankhalle, Atelierhaus and Schlosspark
Gruppe BETTINE, Atelierhaus, Schloss Wiepersdorf 2020, Detail
Gruppe BETTINE, Atelierhaus, Schloss Wiepersdorf 2020, Detail

On the occasion of the Open Studio Day Wiepersdorf scholarship holders will present their works. The following can be heard and seen: the multimedia composition "Tuono del Cuculo" by Sergey Khismatov, Anna Korsun and Ekaterina Polyakova, the exhibitions "Wildflowers in Wiepersdorf" and "Shoes" by Petra E. Thoss, and the sound installation "Requiem for a Flower" by Natalia Pschenitschnikova.

The wagon - cinema screening
Castle Square

In the summer of 2019, the buehnendauterheims theater ensemble will undertake an unusual tour of Germany: it will travel once across the country with a 100-year-old hayride stage with the Corpus Christi film "The Great World Theater" - from Rheinhessen to Berlin. Every evening the troupe plays in a different village, every day it moves 40 kilometers further.

Popcorn and cold drinks are available in the cinema shop (open from 8:30 p.m.).



Lloyd Corporation: London/Athens (Exhibition)
Castle Square

London/Athens is a photographic series documenting street notices and advertisements found across the two cities since March 2020. Taken by the artists as they navigated and explored the streets during recent lockdowns, the images make visible a multitude of personal and political responses to the unprecedented conditions we currently face in the city.

Ali Eisa and Sebastian Lloyd Rees were fellows of the project "Art in a Conflicted World" of the Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf, which was funded by the German Foreign Office in 2020.