Newsletter 5 / July 2020

TDD APROPOS APÉRO Schloss Wiepersdorf, © KSW


Wiepersdorf Fellows nominated for 2021

In July, the jury of the Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf, selected the artists and re-searchers, who will each receive a three-month fellowship in 2021. These grants are funded by the state of Brandenburg.
The following artists and researchers were selected from almost 650 applications from more than 60 countries:

Literature: Mirzali Akbarov, Clarisse Baleja Saidi, Regina Scheer
Sciences: Dr. Günter Agde, Dr. Iris Berndt, Prof. Dr. Robert Leventhal, Prof. Dr. Viktoriya Sukovata
Visual Arts: Antje Blumenstein, Nezaket Ekici, Pablo Sharon Schlumberger
Composition: Sergey Khismatov and Anna Korsun, Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Hakan Ulus

This year the jury included for the sciences Dr. Hendrikje Schauer and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Stockhorst as well as Prof. Dr. Roland Berbig and Prof. Dr. Erdmut Wizisla, for literature Anne-Dore Krohn and Katharina Teutsch, for the visual arts Gerrit Gohlke and Christoph Tannert and for composition Matthias Osterwold and Helmut Zapf.

The application period for fellowships in 2022 ends on April 15, 2021. The application form will be available on by February 2021.

Latest additions to the Virtual Residency Program

The following lectures by experts, who were invited to speak via video conference on a topic of the residency program and to enter into conversation with the fellows, are made available on our website:


Do I Know What is a Book?

A book is more than a container for transporting texts and images; it is a commodity, stage, infrastructure, time machine and a non-human counterpart that often accompanies us for decades. In his lecture, Jan Wenzel presents five ways of describing the medium book and talks about his experience with books as a publisher (Spector Books), author and passionate reader (in German).

A Quarantine Diary: Art and Introspection in Times of Affliction

In his lecture, curator and art historian Mark Gisbourne takes recent events and the time of quarantine as a starting point to reflect on the effects of the imposed period of isolation for artists and writers. He looks into the role of the studio as a place for creative introspection and the question, how art practices have changed in turn of their (virtual) mediation to the world and art market.

New Romanticism?

The wolves are coming back, the mines of the soul, the chalk cliffs of Rügen, wanderlust and moonstorm. What reservoir, what pitfalls does Romanticism hold in store for the literary present? A lecture by Marcel Lepper (in German).

The following contributions by the Wiepersdorf fellows 2020 have been added to the online SHOWCASE of the Virtual Residency Program:


Video portrait

TDD Apropos Apéro Schloss Wiepersdorf

Artists Gülsüm Güler, Inci Güler, and Lisa Schweizer realized a TDD (Tischlein Deck Dich) event in Wiepersdorf on 1 July 2020 in the framework of their fellowship. The result is a video portrait with recipes, filmed and edited by Silke Briel (in German).


Multivocal Voice and Sound Dance

Music curator Matthias Osterwold talked to Alex Nowitz, composer-performer, vocal artist, whistling virtuoso, tenor and countertenor, about his work between solo performance and instrumental theatre, composed structure, improvisation and gesture-controlled live electronics (in German).


“I draw to expose something”

The Berlin-based art critic Kito Nedo and artist Heidi Sill discussed the significance of surfaces in her artwork, what she has in common with Hanna Wilke, Carolee Schneemann and Bettina von Arnim, and the effects of the corona crisis on the art scene.


The Café in the Orangery will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 29 August 2020, from 2–5 pm. The Park Schloss Wiepersdorf is open at all times.


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