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© Sophia Ato
© Sophia Ato

Sophia Ato

Visual Arts

September, October, November 2022

audan kunststiftung

Sophia Ato is a multimedia artist and architect. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and studied painting and architecture at the Shevchenko Art School. In 2019 she graduated with a master's degree in architecture from Kyiv National University (KNUBA).

As part of her studies at the InLab studio, she created a parametric project-research on the transformation of space.

She worked on the creation of the project of the UnitCity innovation center and other multifunctional complexes.

She is currently an artist for the MetaHistory, which aims to capture the country's events in digital history and help raise funds to rebuild the affected cities.

During residency in Wiepersdorf, Sophia Ato would like to create a project based on the study of the cultural and worldview diversity of the regions of Ukraine and their self-identification.