Short biography

Jonas Mayer, portrait of a child © private
Jonas Mayer, portrait of a child © private

Jonas Mayer

Visual Arts

Oktober 2024

Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur Saarland

Born in 1995, Jonas Mayer is a German visual artist whose paintings and sculptures share the theme of play as a central starting point.
Mayer sees his entire working process as a constant game. He sees photographs of curious everyday observations as traces of unconsciously playful acts in our everyday lives. He sees daydreaming on the way to the studio as a playful flight of thought to stimulate pictorial ideas. For him, the actual pictorial and sculptural creation also embodies the play with colour, form and surface. The aim here is to artificially recreate or maintain the childlike impartiality and lightness through playful parameters in his own process. His works aim to evoke childlike play as well as the viewer's confrontation with their own inner child. The main sources of his material archive are playgrounds, building sites, derelict industrial sites and flea markets. The inspiration for his motifs comes from pictures of old toys, children's drawings and children's books, as well as his own documented "street scribbles" by young people.