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Angelika Schäfer © KSW
Angelika Schäfer © KSW

Angelika Schäfer

Visual Arts

September, October, November 2023

Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Following her medical degree in 1995, Mrs. Schaefer worked as a medical teacher. For three years, she was the Scientific Coordinator of a graduate program at the Interdisciplinary Center for Medical Research at the University of Tübingen. Mrs. Schaefer was in charge of the conception of an international BA / MA graduate program. During this time, she acquired a state certification in higher medical education.

Since 2003, Mrs. Schaefer was responsible for the educational design and evaluation of the Prometheus med program, an e-learning program for medical education. She was promoted to project manager in 2004 and established contacts to sponsors and scientific partners. In 2005, the project was awarded the Medida Prix for the didactical concept (50.000,-€). From 2006 to 2012, Mrs. Schaefer was General Manager of INMEDEA GmbH, an e-Learning Publisher for medical education. Since that time, she has been working as the medical advisor and a teacher in different employments.

Mrs. Schaefer has been writing books for her children since they were little. Her first book was published by Gerhard Hess Verlag in 2016.

She has been engraving since 2009.

Mrs. Schaefer, born in March 1963 in Northeim, Germany, is a widowed mother of three children.

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