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© Andreas Jüttemann
© Andreas Jüttemann

Andreas Jüttemann

Science/Topics focusing on the previously divided Germany

June, July, August 2023

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg

Dr. Andreas Jüttemann works as a research associate at the Institute of Anatomy at the Brandenburg Medical School, at the Institute for the History of Medicine at the TU Dresden, and as a lecturer in historical urban studies at the TU Berlin.

He studied psychology (FU Berlin and Bremen) and urban studies (Bauhaus University Weimar). He received his PhD on Prussian pulmonary sanatoriums (with a focus on Brandenburg) from Charité Berlin in 2015 and his habilitation in the history of science and technology from TU Berlin in 2021. His research focuses on Berlin-Brandenburg regional and medical history.

In addition to stays abroad in Poland, France and the USA, he organized city tours and exhibitions and wrote books on Berlin-Brandenburg history. Most recently, a historical hiking guide through the Hoher Fläming was published in 2022.

In winter term 2020/21, together with students at the TU Berlin, he developed an exhibition on the history of the GDR Rheinsberg nuclear power plant. The project was funded by the German Rectors' Conference ("Kleine Fächer, sichtbar innovativ"). An exhibition on "Fortschritt und Irrsinn der technischen Entwicklung im Kalten Krieg" will open in October 2022 and will be shown in a former news bunker of the GDR Ministry of Posts in Strausberg from summer 2022. He is currently researching protests against the construction of the GDR nuclear power plants in Stendal and Dahlen after the Chernobyl Super-GAU.