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Special exhibition "Explorations in Wiepersdorf" by Dr. Iris Berndt
Museum im Mönchenkloster Jüterbog
200-jähr. Kastanie in Wiepersdorf, Watercolor by Iris Berndt, 2021

"... es steht alles sehr zweifelhaft auf dem Lande." Explorations in Wiepersdorf

Special exhibition by Dr. Iris Berndt

Achim von Arnim (1781–1831) reports in his letters about his work as a farmer and landowner of Wiepersdorf. The art historian Dr. Iris Berndt, a fellow at Schloss Wiepersdorf, is inspired by this to search for traces and builds a bridge to the present. She researches and inquires, photographs and paints. Objects from the collection of the Jüterbog Museum complement the exhibition. It deals with urgent questions of how we deal with the natural riches in nature and landscape.

Reading by fellows of the Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf 2021

Reading by fellows of the Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf Castle 2021


This year's fellows of the Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf Iryna Herasimovich, Regina Scheer, Nero Campanella and Alena Wagnerová present their works.

"Questioning at Point Zero" with Belarusian author Iryna Herasimovich
Online, Recording from November 12, 2021
© Antonina Slobodtschikowa

Questioning at Point Zero


When Belarus was still a blank spot on the map, there was already an idiosyncratic, heterogeneous cultural scene that created spaces in which ideas of a life that was not controlled took shape. Under the unfavorable conditions of the rigid system, fixated on the Soviet past, a parallel society was able to develop, in niches, invisible to many. The repressions that have swept the country and traumatized society since the crushing of the white-red-white protests have also dissolved these niches. In a conversation with editor Katharina Raabe, Iryna Herasimovich offers insights into this scene.


Christmas Concert
Castle park Wiepersdorf

Christmas Concert

We kindly invite you to the traditional Christmas concert in the castle park on the fourth Sunday in Advent. Musicians of the brass quartet of the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder will play.