Group Fellowships

Groups of between three and ten adult participants in the fields of literature, visual arts and composition and other areas of culture, especially the performing arts (theatre, dance, performance), or groups such as: think tanks, graduate colleges and others dealing with questions about aesthetics or the epoch and mindset of Romanticism, as well as German-German issues broadly conceived, may apply for a residency of up to four weeks during the months from March to November each year.

Groups in the field of sports or other leisure activities or formations such as ensembles, orchestras and bands looking for a space to rehearse music may not apply. Should rooms or buildings on the property be soundproofed in the future, we will look into the possibility of admitting musical formations.

The Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf reserves the right to invite specific groups for a residency.

Group fellowships include one room on the estate for each member of the group and three meals daily.


General information

A total of 14 rooms are available for participants of group fellowships. There are also work rooms (3 conference rooms: 129 sqm, 128 sqm and 60 sqm), additional studios if needed, and a hall (140 sqm) with floor heating and AV technology on the premises.

Fellows are offered three meals a day. Meals are served in the dining rooms of the castle. Other rooms and the gardens are open to all for general use.

Visits by guests or family members must be agreed upon in advance with the administration. Meals for guests and family members are subject to a fee.

A residency with children may be granted only in exceptional cases and requires the prior provision of child care. The Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf is looking into the possibility of offering support for organizing childcare so that single parents may be eligible for a residency with a child.

On weekends, the museum and a café in the Orangery are open to the public.



Applications are possible on an ongoing basis.
The application is carried out informally by e-mail to and must contain the following information:
- Project manager (name, institution, address, telephone, e-mail)
- Group (number of the adult participants)
- Stay (duration from / to)
- Project (description of the project)
- Spatial and technical requirements
- Miscellaneous

The Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf does not accept liability for damages of any kind.



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