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Elīna Zunde © privat
Elīna Zunde © privat

Elina Zunde

Visual Arts

July, August, September 2023

audan kunststiftung

Elīna Zunde mostly works in drawing and painting mediums, but has also used photography, video, and spatial objects in her work. She has always been fascinated by the surrounding space and its changeability – as a source of opportunities and conditions. In her work she creates contact with this ever-changing order of things and being, searching for paths towards a united landscape.

Although she has followed the tradition of depiction in, for example, figurative art, especially drawing, she also explores the relationship between perception and its boundaries, as well as drawing in the broader sense.

Elīna lives and works in Riga. As a lecturer at the Department of Drawing at the Art Academy of Latvia She teaches figure drawing and since 2018 a specialized course on contextual composition in drawing. From 2008 to 2012 she taught at Riga School of Design and Art.

During the Residency in Schloss Wiepersdorf she’s going to develop a new series by working with symbols, basic elements in nature, their fundamentality and how it refers to the legacy of different cultures and ancient traditions, both the West and the East. She will thereby explore the figural expression intertwining and embodying them in biomorphic structures, geometric and architectural landscape formations. Her choice to work in traditional media (oil, pigments, tempera, pastel, ink) is closely related to the expanded importance she gives to matter as a carrier of information and structure of communication. She is also open to other media though (sound, object), particularly, in a form of collaboration.