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Maxie and Fred Wander in Wiepersdorf. A Flair of Vienna in the GDR


Maxie and Fred Wander in Wiepersdorf

Reading and discussion with Barbe Maria Linke and Dietmar Linke
Moderation: Dr. Friederike Frach (CEO Brandenburgischer Literaturrat)

Barbe Maria Linke and Dietmar Linke, pastors and authors, met the Austrian couple Fred and Maxie Wander, both writers, in Wiepersdorf. The Wander couple had moved to the GDR (Kleinmachnow) in 1958. Maxie Wander's book Guten Morgen, du Schöne, was published shortly before her death in November 1977 and became very famous.
Fred Wander came from a Jewish family and was imprisoned in several German concentration camps. He wrote novels, stories, children's books and, together with Maxie Wander, travelogues. His key work is considered to be the novel Der siebente Brunnen.

A cooperation with Brandenburgischer Literaturrat

May 21, 2023, 3 p.m.
Schloss Wiepersdorf
Free admission


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