The Fellows for 2024 have been chosen

14 artists and academics are chosen for 2024

© Dirk Bleicker


In July, an independent jury nominated the 14 artists and academics who will each complete a three-month fellowship at Schloss Wiepersdorf between March and November 2024. These fellowships are funded by the state of Brandenburg.

The following artists and scientists were selected by the jury out of 836 applications from 73 countries:

Literature: Attila Bartis, Dilek Mayatürk, Konrad Hans Roenne

Visual arts: Ewa Finn, Zora Janković, Klaus Jörres

Composition: Manami Nagahari, Manuel Zwerger, Anna Arkushina

Science/Romanticism: Shira Miron, Avishek Ray

Science/Topics focusing on the previously divided Germany: Barbara Schnalzger, Dorothea Horas, Rocco Thiede

The jury this year included Anne-Dore Krohn and Cornelia Geißler for literature, Christoph Tannert for visual arts, Matthias Osterwold and Helmut Zapf for composition and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Stockhorst and Dr. Hendrikje Schauer as well as Prof. Dr. Roland Berbig and Prof. Dr. Erdmut Wizisla for science.

The next application round for fellowships in 2025 will begin in February 2024.

You will find the application form on our website.

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