New books by Schloss Wiepersdorf Fellows 2023

New books by Wiebke Elzel and Nino Bulling

Wiebke Elzel:

Sabina, Rekonstruktion einer Recherche [Sabina, Reconstrucion of a Research]

Who was Sabina von Steinbach?

This book is about an important medieval sculptress who probably never existed; and yet was the only female artist ever to be included in the central frieze of figures in the staircase of the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin at the end of the 19th century.

Wiebke Elzel began extensive research in libraries, archives, museums, churches and other places in Germany and France. Contradictory statements and strange theories from more than four centuries were collected. The book traces this search and research, including misdirections and detours. Thus, it is a book about nationalism and representation, anti-Semitism, gender roles, the interplay of facts and fictions, as well as about history (or histories) as traces reaching into the present and their influence on the individual.

The book can be read as a feminist manifesto for the 21st century.

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Nino Bulling, Joseph Kai, Nour Hifaoui (editors):

Cutes - Collected queer and trans comics

Cutes is a collective book of contemporary queer and trans comics that explores the multiple facets of LGBTQIA+ identity through the medium of graphic storytelling.

The book includes short stories by twelve artists covering a wide array of styles and genres: From hot romance to trans superheroines and meditations on gender and identity. Cutes is a bilingual publication in English and Arabic, addressing the very use of language in comics and the politics of translation.

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