Fellows as of March

Tomomi Adachi © naya collective, Charlotte Misselwitz © private, David Polzin © Bahar Kaygusuz, Nellja Veremej © private

In March, we welcome the first four fellows of 2022 to Schloss Wiepersdorf: Tomomi Adachi (Composition), Charlotte Misselwitz (Science/Topics focusing on the previously divided Germany), David Polzin (Visual Arts) and Nellja Veremej (Literature).

Due to the pandemic, most artists and scientists have postponed their fellowship until the summer.

A group fellowship will be awarded in March to artists led by choreographer, director and performance artist Lynsey Peisinger with a project on language and artificial intelligence. Most recently, Lynsey Peisinger co-directed 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, an opera project by Marina Abramović about the life and death of Maria Callas, which premiered at the Munich State Opera in 2020.

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