Schloss Wiepersdorf mourns the death of Elfriede Donath

Elfriede Donath with Manja Schüle and Klaus Kummer at the opening of the video installation "Wiepersdorf zwischen Krieg und Frieden" in the summer 2020

Through her work for Schloss Wiepersdorf over many years, Elfriede Donath knew personally numerous renowned artists and writers who were guests at the castle. She spoke of her experiences as a contemporary witness in the video installation "Wiepersdorf between War and Peace" by Sebastian Eschenbach, which was shown in Wiepersdorf in the summer of 2020. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her commitment.

Wiepersdorf zwischen Krieg und Frieden - Trailer with Elfriede Donath

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