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© Vitalii Cherepanovy
© Vitalii Cherepanovy

Vitalii Cherepanov

Visual Arts

März, April 2024

Culture Moves / Jägerschere

Vitalii Cherepanov was born in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, in 1990. He began studying at the Faculty of Art and Graphics at the Nizhny Tagil Social Pedagogical Academy, but dropped out.

He regularly collaborates with Anna Chereponova in his multidisciplinary artistic projects. In their artistic work, Anna Chereponova and Vitalii Cherepanov explore the interplay between art, science and philosophy, using a various of media and disciplines. Their focus is on developing projects as test models for critical interactions with the environment and exploring applicative possibilities of artistic gesture. They view the world as a source of equal collaborations between different wills and substances, a concept they call "Park Volny".

Their multidisciplinary work includes collective performances, street art, digital art, installations, video art, music production, set design, sculpture and painting.

Vitalii Cherepanov and Anna Cherepanova live in the EU and work both together and independently under different pseudonyms such as Cick in Dunt, Shaboffice and Infinite Private Sector. Their works are represented in private collections as well as in public collections such as the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Museums of Fine Arts in Ekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil.

They have received several scholarships and awards, including the "Summer School of Social Engage Art" scholarship in Zurich and the "Furka Retreat Residence" scholarship in Switzerland in 2023. In 2022 they received a travel grant from the Goethe-Institut for the project "Theatre under the cameras" and a residency grant from the NCCA in Yekaterinburg.

With solo exhibitions such as "Interessence relationships" in Zurich, "Park Volny. Terminal Zhukowsky" at the Anna Nova Gallery in St. Petersburg and "Flow in" at the "On space" gallery in Kiel, their works are represented throughout Europe. The works have also been shown in group exhibitions such as "Mental landscapes" in Berlin and "Excavation work in Progress" in Ekaterinburg.

Their artistic projects have been presented in various publications, including the Calvert Journal and on various online platforms.