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© Vincent Welz
© Vincent Welz

Vincent Welz


September 2021

Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland e.V.

Vincent Welz, born in Stuttgart in 2002, is to become a composer. Growing up with violin and piano, he started taking composition lessons with Philipp Vandré in 2017. He attended the Stuttgart Musikgymnasium as the first student to major in composition. In 2020 he graduated from high school and began his composition studies with Prof. Martin Schüttler at HMDK Stuttgart. Vincent Welz is a prizewinner of the national competitions Jugend Komponiert 2019 and Jugend Komponiert 2020 as well as a prizewinner of Jugend Komponiert BW 2018.  He has been repeatedly selected for the Composing Workshop of the Arnold Schönberg Center Vienna (2018 and 2020). His pieces have been performed in public several times, and have been recorded by prize winners of the German Music Competition, among others. In 2019 he was featured in a portrait on SWR radio.