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© Róża BIłko
© Róża BIłko

Róża Biłko

Visual Arts

September, October, November 2022

audan kunststiftung

Róża Biłko graduated from the Secondary School of Arts in Bielsko-Biała in 2014, specializing in fabric printing – screen printing. In 2021, she graduated with honors from the Institute of Graphic Design, in the Typeface and Calligraphy Design Studio of dr. hab. Łukasz Chmielewski, prof. superv., and ankes in the Drawing and Illustrative Techniques Studio of dr. Marzena Łukaszuk.

She dealt with the design of typefaces and illustrations, dreaming of glory and fame in these areas. Currently, she is creating art books in which she combines illustrations with original, frivolous poetry, which allows her to describe the tangible and intangible everyday life.
Constantly looking for more meaning in life, she is currently studying for the profession of an occupational therapist as well conducts art classes for children.

Solo exhibitions:

2020: February, “My first serious show”, Our Wall Gallery, Łódź, Poland

Group exhibitions (selection):

2022: “Exhibition of Drawing by Students of the Drawing Studio of the Institute of Painting and Drawing of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź", Gallery on the Terrace in Dom Kultury 502, Łódź
2021: “SYNTEZA 2021 – Happy Accidents”, Greece,
2020: “Strzemiński's fine arts”, Academy of Fine Art’s Łódź
2019: “Letters & Letters”, Gallery ASP Piotrkowska 68, Łódź
2019: “Experimentarium and visitors”, Gallery ASP Piotrkowska 68, Łódź
2019: “For freedom”, Textile Museum, Łódź
2019: “From study to experiment”, Gallery ASP Piotrkowska 68, Łódź
2018: “Exhibition of Student Works”, Gallery 101-121

2017: “The Open Exhibition”, Book Museum, Łódź

2017: “Poster of tommorow”, France

2017: “VISION EXERCISES”, Gallery White Wall, Łódź