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© Mirzali Akbarov
© Mirzali Akbarov

Mirzali Akbarov


June, July, August 2021

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg

Mirzali Akbarov, born in 1955 in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan, studied at the State Pedagogical Foreign Language Institute in Tashkent, now the World Language University. He was initially a school teacher of English and later worked as a correspondent and department head for a newspaper. For another ten years, Mirzali Akbarov was head and chief translator of the German Service of Radio Tashkent International (RTI).

He now works as a freelance translator of German and German-language literature. In addition to short stories and narratives by Wolfgang Borchert, Friedrich Christian Delius, Stefan Zweig and Thomas Mann, he has translated Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf, Johann Wolfgang Goethe's Maximen und Reflexionen and Über Pädagogik by Immanuel Kant from German into Uzbek.

As a specialist in German Studies and freelance literary translator, he has spent several study visits in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He is a member of the International Hermann Hesse Society in Calw.

During his stay in Wiepersdorf he will continue with his translation of Goethe's epistolary novel Briefwechsel mit einem Kinde by Bettina von Arnim.