Short biography

Hagen Verleger,
Hagen Verleger, "Margaret van Eyck", 2017

Hagen Verleger


June, July, August 2020

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg

Hagen Verleger is a Berlin-based independent graphic designer, artist, researcher, and editor. He completed his studies at the art academies in Kiel, Leipzig, and Maastricht. As a typographer and book designer, he mainly works for and with artists, cultural institutions, and publishing houses. Since 2010, his artistic work is centered around topics such as: the archive, authorship in design, fiction and reality, and institutional critique. His work has been shown in group exhibitions internationally. In 2017, he was artist-in-residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie / Margaret van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In 2020, he was artist-in-residence at the Narva Art Residency, Estonia, as well as fellow at the German Literature Archive in Marbach.

He is currently teaching at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Kiel) and working towards a PhD at the intersection of media studies, literary studies, and book sciences.

Picture: Hagen Verleger, "Margaret van Eyck", 2017; orange vinyl stickers on painted wall, ca. 80 cm × 550 cm