Short biography

© Badri Gubianuri
© Badri Gubianuri

Badri Gubianuri

Visual Arts

March, April, May 2022

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg

Born in Tianeti, Georgia, in 1962. Graduation at the Art School of the Art Academy in Tbilisi in 1989. Monochrome painting since 1995. Co-founder of artistic group Alliance 22 in 2012. Lives and works in Kiev.

Exhibitions including 2017: [=] Monochromia Vol. II, Alliance 22 group exhibition, Theca Gallery, Milano; 2016: [=] 35th Artistic Alliance [22|04|16], Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Kiev, [=] Alliance 22 group project as a part of the 3rd “Ukrainian Cross-section triennial of Ukrainian Contemporary Art” within framework of Wroclaw 2016 [European Capital of Culture]; 2015: [=] Alliance 22 group project presented by Diehl Gallery [Berlin], Viennacontemporary Fair, [=] Alliance 22 group exhibition as a part of the «Paper. World. Art» project within V Book Arsenal. Mystesky Arsenal, Kiev; 2014: [=] Alliance22 group exhibition, M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kiev; 2009: Performance “Spiritual science – Art”, Bottega Gallery, Kiev, Abstract Painting, Bottega Gallery, Kiev; 2007: Abstract Painting (B.Gubianuri, N. Krivenko), Karas Gallery, Kiev, Abstract Painting, “Dialogue” gallery “Soviart”, Kiev, Performance “ETYUD” Kurbas Centre, Kiev, Performance “ETYUD”, Karas Gallery, Kiev, Installation, “Composition № 2″, Karas Gallery, Kiev, Performance, “Labyrinth”, Karas Gallery, Kiev; 2006: “Who we are, where we are, where are we going. Reflections I, Karas Gallery, Kiev, 2003: Abstract Painting, Untitled, Gallery “Soviart”, Kiev.