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Sunday, November 7, 2021, 1:00 pm–5:00 pm  |  Studio Complex Schloss Wiepersdorf

Open Studios with Antje Blumenstein, Susanne Gabler and Pablo Schlumberger

Visual arts fellows give insight into their studio work.

This will be accompanied by mulled wine – all visitors are cordially invited for a cup.

Antje Blumenstein

© Antje Blumenstein

Antje Blumenstein studied Graphic Design at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nuremberg as well as Painting and Graphic Art at the HfBK Dresden; she was a master-class student of Prof. Bosslet. Since 2017, she is lecturer and curator of the Takt-Residency Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include: tactics of lines, Galerie Nanna Preußners Hamburg, 2020, and nineteen lines, Botschaft Berlin (2017).

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one line six corners, 2021, Edition 2, 2 von 3, Neon blau, circa 55 x 60 x 30 cm

In Wiepersdorf, Antje Blumenstein wants to develop a system that bypasses the restrictions imposed by habits of seeing and thinking. A mathematical system, based on three-dimensional parameters, will expand her own spatial imagination. Formally, a structure is to be developed that makes it possible to stabilize the neon glass objects, which are very fragile in their materiality, by means of a metal system in such a way that they can stand freely in space. The construction itself is to become part of the work, without simply doubling the lines of the neon rods.


Susanne Gabler

© Susanne Gabler

Susanne Gabler lives and works as a visual artist in Wismar. After completing her studies in Applied Arts, she freelanced in the fields of fine arts, graphics and interior design. Since 2019, Gabler has been the managing director of Galerie Hinter dem Rathaus in Wismar, together with two other female artists. She projects various art projects, art actions and exhibitions for art houses.

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FIXED © Susanne Gabler

In Wiepersdorf, Gabler wants to deal with the artifacts of neoliberalism: Does "good" come from "goods"? Or, vice versa, shouldn't "goods" be the derivative of "good"? What is the good? What are our highest goods? Who can't see, hear, or taste the loud and clearly worldly threats? Where is our goodness among all our goods? Neoliberalism works only finitely and only those at its top can profit. Susanne Gabler looks for the "good" in the goods and ask: Which goods actually deserve the predicate good?


Pablo Schlumberger

© Pablo Schlumberger

Pablo Schlumberger, born 1990 in Aachen, lives and works in Cologne. In 2016 he received his B.A. at the University of Fine Arts (HfbK) in Hamburg with Prof. Werner Büttner and Prof. Jutta Koether. In 2018 he also completed his studies at the HfbK Hamburg with an M.A. under Prof. Andreas Slominski. In 2018/19 he worked as a studio assistant in the studio of Nicole Wermers in London. Since 2018 he works as a freelance artist in various media.

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Kosmische Rache 1, Öl auf Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Slim-Fit-Poloshirt, 37 × 55cm, 2020

During his stay in Wiepersdorf, Pablo Schlumberger will work on new large-format paintings that integrate the relief into the picture as a transition from the classical two-dimensional panel painting to the three-dimensional object.



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