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Sunday, October 9, 2022, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm  |  Atelierhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf

Open Studios

Exhibitions by Aliaksandar Belsky, Róża Biłko, Badri Gubianuri, Monika Hau and Małgorzata Sztremer.

On October 9, five Schloss Wiepersdorf visual arts fellows open their studios and provide insight into current works.

After the exhibition, at 3:00 p.m., Werkbühne Leipzig will show the concert installation Clara im Rückspiegel in the Tankhalle of Schloss Wiepersdorf.

The café in the Orangerie and the museum in Schloss Wiepersdorf are open for the last time before the winter break from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Aliaksandar Belsky

Aliaksandar Belsky © Yauhen Fedarovich

In 2007, Aliaksandar Belsky graduated from the Academy of Arts in Minsk in the subject "Monumental Art". After graduation, he took on private commissions for painting, sgrafitto and mosaics both indoors and outdoors. Belsky drew movie posters for a Minsk cinema for ten years, creating about 700 such posters during this time. He also worked as a restorer of frescoes on the facades of the church in Nesvizh and the Puslovsky Palace. For quite some time he devoted himself intensively to painting portraits and grotesque sketches. Until the moment when he got tired of depicting human faces; so the anonymization of the acting figure became central to his work.

In the beginning, it was snowmen onto whom various events and conditions were projected. In parallel, astronauts, stormtroopers from Star Wars, Batman and others appeared. Currently, Belsky is forming his own mythology. He is looking for simple basic forms and how they can interact with each other, what literary, associative, emotional content they radiate. Belsky works classically with canvas and paint, but also devotes himself to digital art.

Aliaksandar Belsky's fellowship is part of the project "PerspAKTIV – Austausch und Kulturplattform Belarus". The project PerspAKTIV is implemented in cooperation with RAZAM, Ambasada Kultury and IN SITU Contemporary Art Foundation with financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office. #civilsocietycooperation


Róża Biłko

© Róża BIłko

Róża Biłko graduated from the Secondary School of Arts in Bielsko-Biała in 2014, specializing in fabric printing – screen printing. In 2021, she graduated with honors from the Institute of Graphic Design, in the Typeface and Calligraphy Design Studio of dr. hab. Łukasz Chmielewski, prof. superv., and in the Drawing and Illustrative Techniques Studio of dr. Marzena Łukaszuk.

She dealt with the design of typefaces and illustrations, dreaming of glory and fame in these areas. Currently, she is creating art books in which she combines illustrations with original, frivolous poetry, which allows her to describe the tangible and intangible everyday life. Constantly looking for more meaning in life, she is currently studying for the profession of an occupational therapist as well conducts art classes for children.

In Wiepersdorf, Róża Biłko creates a series of illustrations for an art book that tells the story of her first steps in the German language. The illustrations are very personal, almost like a diary, in which she describes her experiences and feelings in a reality that is new to her.

In cooperation with the audan kunststiftung.



Badri Gubianuri

© Badri Gubianuri

Born in Tianeti, Georgia, in 1962. Graduation at the Art School of the Art Academy in Tbilisi in 1989. Monochrome painting since 1995. Co-founder of artistic group Alliance 22 in 2012. Lives and works in Kiev.

Exhibitions including: 2017: [=] Monochromia Vol. II, Alliance 22 group exhibition, Theca Gallery, Milano; 2016: [=] 35th Artistic Alliance [22|04|16], Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Kiev, [=] Alliance 22 group project as a part of the 3rd “Ukrainian Cross-section triennial of Ukrainian Contemporary Art” within framework of Wroclaw 2016 [European Capital of Culture]; 2015: [=] Alliance 22 group project presented by Diehl Gallery [Berlin], Viennacontemporary Fair, [=] Alliance 22 group exhibition as a part of the “Paper. World. Art” project within V Book Arsenal. Mystesky Arsenal, Kiev; 2014: [=] Alliance22 group exhibition, M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kiev; 2009: Performance “Spiritual science – Art”, Bottega Gallery, Kiev, Abstract Painting, Bottega Gallery, Kiev; 2007: Abstract Painting (B. Gubianuri, N. Krivenko), Karas Gallery, Kiev, Abstract Painting, “Dialogue” gallery Soviart, Kiev, Performance “ETYUD” Kurbas Centre, Kiev, Installation, “Composition No. 2”, Karas Gallery, Kiev, Performance, “Labyrinth”, Karas Gallery, Kiev; 2006: “Who we are, where we are, where are we going. Reflections I”, Karas Gallery, Kiev, 2003: Abstract Painting, Untitled, Gallery Soviart, Kiev.


Monika Hau

Monika Hau © Kurt Hau

Monika Hau was born in Saarbrücken in 1956. She received her artistic education from 2001 to 2006 with Professor Bodo Baumgarten, HBKsaar, until 2011 her focus was on painting. Since 2012 she has been working with the line, the line in space and net structures. This turning point opens up new themes, which are arrested both in the here and now, as well as in society.

Different life stories become the input of graphic representation and thus become perceptible in a new way. It questions our perceptions by making people, paths, distances, the worthless and the invisible visible.

In Wiepersdorf, Monika Hau is working on her series "wasted-discovered – found objects. A meditative investigation to approach what is foreign to me. Findings from the European Space": In our fast-moving times, many things go unnoticed. Things that do not represent a momentary value are hidden from our perception. The worthless lies as waste in public spaces, yet it refers to something. Found objects that lie unnoticed in different countries in the urban space, or in the rural space, are transformed.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Saarland.


Małgorzata Sztremer

© Małgorzata Sztremer 2022

Born in 1972 in Bytom, Poland, Małgorzata Sztremer received the diploma of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and later the diploma of sculpture at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, where she works today as a lecturer of painting and drawing. At the evening school affiliated she is a lecturer for drawing. She lives in Saarbrücken.

In her figurative painting Małgorzata Sztremer explores different roles and aspects of women. Currently it is about witches, both those from fairy tales and the real people. Inspired by medieval and surrealist art and literature, Malgorzata Sztremer mimetically paints the fantastic space of witches. Her own memories and observations are also part of it. In this pictorial space, nature and architecture represent an inner landscape. Figures that are created through the idea of the witch and through the process of painting are given a narrative function. Attributes, such as animals and objects, express the interaction between the earth and the feminine side of humans. One of the concerns is to maintain the connection with ancient knowledge about the powers of women in our society.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Saarland.


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