Events | "...everything is very doubtful in the countryside." (Achim von Arnim) – Is there another way?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 5:00 pm  |  Museum im Mönchenkloster Jüterbog, Concert hall

"...everything is very doubtful in the countryside." (Achim von Arnim) – Is there another way?

200-jährige Kastanie mit Nottrieben in Wiepersdorf, Aquarell von Iris Berndt, 7. September 2021

Panel discussion

Tileman Wiarda, pastor of St. Nikolai in Jüterbog (moderator) in conversation with Dr. Iris Berndt (art historian, Potsdam), Dr. habil Knut Kaiser (climate historian GFZ, Potsdam), Andreas Mickel (gardener Wiepersdorf), Wilfried Krieg (farmer, Jüterbog/OT Grüna), Jörg Niendorf (farmer, Reinsdorf).

In addition to an introduction to Achim von Arnim as a farmer, the exhibition looks at the present and how we deal with water, soil and landscape.

The problems of agriculture in the Niedere Fläming are of existential magnitude. Common to all interlocutors is that they want to bring life and work in the Niedere Fläming in harmony: Landscape as a home for people and an economic area at the same time. But of course there are different interests – and also complaints about external determination, about losses, about "not being able to do it anymore" and "not being able to go on like this". How can something change? And can we contribute to it?

The occasion for the discussion is the exhibition "... es steht alles sehr zweifelhaft auf dem Lande ..." at the Museum im Mönchenkloster in Jüterbog, which has been extended until March 13, 2022.

Up to 50 participants are permitted. Please register at the Museum im Mönchenkloster in Jüterbog under 03372 463144.

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