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Sunday, October 9, 2022, 3:00 pm  |  Tankhalle Schloss Wiepersdorf

Clara im Rückspiegel

Clara im Rückspiegel © Mim Schneider

The concert installation builds a bridge from Clara Schumann, the exceptional 19th century musician, to three contemporary artists, to three female composers of different generations and countries of origin: Violeta Dinescu, Beste Özçelebi and Annette Schlünz.

Songs and chamber music by Clara Schumann form the musical basis, serve as associative material, on the basis of which the composers each developed their own pieces, were filmed in the process, and were also interviewed about it: What significance does Clara Schumann have for the three composers today? Does she still function as a reference? How can a contemporary female composer assert herself as a woman and artist in the still male-dominated world of music? By positioning themselves in relation to the work and personality of Clara Schumann, the portraits of the three female composers are formed over the course of the staged performance.

Artistic direction: Ilka Seifert, Anja-Christin Winkler
Technics: Felix Richter
Musicians: Sarah Kollé (voice), Cenk Erbiner (viola), Mediha Khan (piano)


Violeta Dinescu, born in Bucharest in 1953, is a Romanian pianist, composer and university teacher. She has lived and worked in Germany since 1982. Since 1996 she has held a professorship in applied composition at the University of Oldenburg, where she organizes colloquia with composers. She has received over fifty international prizes and awards for her compositions. Her work is published by Verlag Dohr.
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Beste Özçelebi was born in Ankara in 1983. After her graduation in composition in Ankara and international performances of her works, she came to Leipzig in 2013, where she received her master's degree in composition and followed up with a master class exam. In 2017, Beste Özçelebi received the Förderpreis für junge Komponisten und Musikwissenschaftler of the Deutscher Komponistenverband, Landesverband Sachsen.
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Annette Schlünz was born in Dessau in 1964. As a composer and lecturer, she has been awarded many prestigious scholarships and prizes and has been invited to give composition courses and sit on juries. She has been a member of the Saxon Academy of Arts since 2010 and of the Free Academy of Arts Hamburg since 2011. Annette Schlünz lives as a freelancer in southern Germany and France.
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Before the concert installation, five Schloss Wiepersdorf fine arts fellows will open their studios from 1 to 3 p.m. and provide an insight into their current works. >

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