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Wednesday, July 31, 2019, 8:30 pm  |  Schloss Wiepersdorf, Bettina-von-Arnim-Straße 13, 14913 Wiepersdorf


Director Annette Storr
Team Annette Storr (Director), Clara Gervais (Music), Eunsung Yang (Stage Design), Valentin Kruse (Stage/Singing)
Production Theaterförderkreis Alzey-Dautenheim e.V.
Supported by Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam
Location Schloss Wiepersdorf, Bettina-von-Arnim-Straße 13, 14913 Wiepersdorf; Outdoor event or at Orangerie in case of rain
Duration ca. 75 minutes
Entrance free
Registration Return to Berlin by free shuttle (check below)
Contact 0176 22 03 99 21

The Great Theater of the World

by Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Translated by Joseph v. Eichendorff with original music by Clara Gervais performed by the travelling theater troupe buehnen dautenheims together with the local Posaunenchor

On their tour across Germany from Alzey-Dautenheim to Berlin, the travelling theater troupe buehnen dautenheims will make an appearance at Wiepersdorf Castle Park on 31 July. With 17 performances in 17 days, the troupe will travel through 6 German states by tractor and two hay wagons that form the World Theatre Stage.

Calderón's play THE GREAT THEATER OF THE WORLD shows the world as a stage on which people play their god given roles. Two hay wagons from the Dautenheim agricultural machinery collection, which were used for field work throughout Europe from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 20th century, form the basis of a baroque, mobile wagon stage. One of the wagons carries the celestial sphere of the Creator, the other the World Globe, and everything in- between is the Stage of Life, where the decisive questions of the cosmos are played out.

© Juergen Heck

The musical-theatre production THE GREAT THEATER OF THE WORLD, with an original composition for strings and wind instruments by Clara Gervais, is based on a musical-theatrical research project of the Baroque Corpus Christi play based on Calderón's EL GRAN TEATRO DEL MUNDO. The music carries the language of the actors in a sound tapestry compoesed of contemporary form language with motifs taken from the Spanish early Renaissance.

The ensemble buehnen dautenheims consists of a group of professional directors, stage designers, musicians, actors, local actors, and craftsmen who have been working together for a summer theater production in Alzey- Dautenheim (Rheinhessen) for ten years.

Arrival by car:

Wiepersdorf is located south of Berlin in Brandenburg/Niederer Fläming. A description of how to get there by car can be found here.
Parking spaces are available on the property or at the roadside.

Arrival by public transport:

Timetable information for the regional train from Berlin R3 (Gesundbrunnen, Hauptbahnhof, Südkreuz or Lichterfelde-Ost) to Jüterbog can be found here

From Jüterbog railway station you can continue by Bus 774 or call the On-call bus at: Tel.: 0 33 72 / 42 48 48 (booking required at least 60 minutes before departure; for groups of 8 or more people one working day in advance) VBB tariff plus €1.00 comfort surcharge per passenger and journey; information at:


Return journey after the performance by public transport: last train from Jüterbog to Berlin: 10:32 pm

Return journey to Berlin / Alexanderplatz with the complimentary shuttle bus: departure from Schloss Wiepersdorf at 10:30 pm / registration required by 22 July 2019 at or: 0176 22 03 99 21



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