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The Painter Achim von Arnim-Bärwalde

„Künstler sind die ersten im Narrenschiff“

In German language

There is still so much to discover about the painter Achim von Arnim-Bärwalde (1848-1891), the first grandson of Bettine and Achim von Arnim. He was born with a physical handicap, lost his mother very early and remained a sickly child for a long time. Nevertheless, he soon took a direction that was quite different from the lives of his ancestors. Instead of working in agriculture and forestry as heir to the estate like his father Freimund von Arnim, he trained as a painter and thus defied the intended expectations. Schloss Wiepersdorf owes its present appearance to his artistic creative urge. He not only provided the manor house with its own studio extension and added an orangery to the main building, but also gave the entire complex an Italianate flair.

Petra Heymach, curator and granddaughter of the artist Bettina Encke von Arnim, and Wolfgang Bunzel, professor of modern German literature and head of the Brentano department at the Freies Deutsches Hochstift, will talk about the painter’s unusual life. The talk will be hosted by Annette Rupp.

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