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Artist Group Flügelschlag Werkbühne

Experiments with light and fog in preparation of the Flügelschlag Werkbühne production Alesius 2017 © Anja-Christin Winkler

From 15–31 March 2021, the ensemble Flügelschlag Werkbühne worked on their new concert installation LICHT (Light) with a group fellowship at the Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf. Musical and scenic rehearsals as well as experiments with light and sound were the focus of the residency.

The concert installation LICHT invites the audience to an interactive performance between digital surrender and the self-determined experience of inner spaces. Songs by George Crumb and Henry Purcell, and the computer-controlled composition by Marion Wörle, find their framing in an immersive setting in which the light itself takes over and assigns the audience different locations throughout the performance.

It is about seduction, about deception, about reversal: what begins as a friendly invitation to a special listening experience with two performers who take the audience on a journey to their personal musical home, makes them more and more lose their orientation as the installation turns out to be a place of observation. The uneasiness in the face of digital tracking (via light tracking) is to be experienced just as much as strong moments of individual demarcation and the intense immersion in a music that, in the best case, grants a feeling of upliftment and inner peace.

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