Application Form

General information

  • Please read the General information and the guidlines on our website at Individual/Cooperation Fellowships carefully.
  • You may apply for a single fellowship (1 person) or for a cooperation fellowship (1 person with up to 2 guests arriving in a row in the three-month period).
  • Applications are possible in one discipline only.
  • We suggest to first prepare the information offline and insert it into the form afterwards.
  • You will receive information on the work samples as soon as you have selected a discipline.

Details on the application

Personal information (applicant)

Guest 1

Guest 2

Biographical information (applicant)


Please indicate in the detailed project description to what extent the guest or the two guests who arrive one after the other are involved in the artistic production.

Work samples: Literature / Science

The publication of at least one opus by a publisher or undertaking a doctoral degree is mandatory for a fellowship. Please select a maximum of one work or excerpts (ca. 15 pages) from it (already published or part of the proposed project), label it with your name, and send it by post in triplicate along with the signed confirmation letter. The work samples can not be returned.

Work samples: Visual Arts

A public exhibition or participation in a group exhibition is mandatory for a fellowship. Please select a maximum of two works or excerpts from it and insert the streaming links into the provided fields. You can send a catalogue as an alternative or in addition by post with the signed confirmation letter. (Catalogues can not be returned.)

Work samples: Composition

Prerequisite for a fellowship is the public performance of at least one work. Upon receipt of the confirmation letter signed by you, we will provide you with an upload link in which you can upload up to three work samples (audio samples as high-quality mp3s, scores as PDF).

Privacy protection policy

The Schloss Wiepersdorf Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf) collects your data exclusively to facilitate conducting of the fellowship application procedure at Schloss Wiepersdorf. The data is stored on a server at, Jochen Weiland, Echterdinger Strasse 57, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany, until the end of the application procedure. By submitting your application form, you grant your consent to having your data be processed internally and passed on to judges selected by the Schloss Wiepersdorf Cultural Foundation exclusively for the purpose of the selection procedure.

The Schloss Wiepersdorf Cultural Foundation will provide you with information about your data that it stores at any time. You also have the right to rectification or erasure at any time as well as the right to object to the further processing of your data. In such cases, please contact or (+49-33746) 6990 or by mail at Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf, Bettina-von-Arnim-Str. 13, 14913 Wiepersdorf, Germany.

Pursuant to Article 77 of the GDPR, you also have the right of appeal to a supervisory authority if you believe that the processing of your data is not lawful. You will find the address of the responsible supervisory authority in our data privacy protection policy.


Next steps

After sending the form, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you specified above. Please print, sign, and return the document in the attachement of this e-mail by post until October 21, 2019 to Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf, Bettina-von-Arnim-Str. 13, 14913 Wiepersdorf, Germany. The postmark date counts as proof of timely submission.
Without this signed document your application is incomplete and cannot be considered.

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