This online showcase presents contributions and works by Schloss Wiepersdorf fellows since 2020.

Suki Kim, journalist and Schloss Wiepersdorf fellow 2020, and Christian Mihr, Reporters Without Borders, talk about the crisis of global press freedom.

Oder: wenn der mensch den menschen nicht mehr trifft. The composition by Alex Nowitz deals in the form of five musical scenes with the events and experiences made during the Corona crisis.

TDD Videoportrait © KSW

Artists Gülsüm Güler, Inci Güler, and Lisa Schweizer realized a TDD (Tischlein Deck Dich) event in Wiepersdorf on 1 July 2020 in the framework of their collaborative fellowship. The result is a video portrait of the food art project.

© Alex Nowitz

Music curator Matthias Osterwold talks to Alex Nowitz, composer-performer, vocal artist, whistling virtuoso, tenor and countertenor, about his work between solo performance and instrumental theatre, composed structure, improvisation and gesture-controlled live electronics. A dialogue in German language.

Heidi Sill, Hannah 2, 2014 (Detail)

The Berlin-based art critic Kito Nedo and Heidi Sill discussed the significance of surfaces in her artwork, what she has in common with Hanna Wilke, Carolee Schneemann and Bettina von Arnim, and the effects of the corona crisis on the art scene.

Lina Atfah recites her poem Tränenketten, which is inspired by Gustav Klimt's painting Wasserschlangen II. In Arabic with German subtitles.