Antje Blumenstein, two folded pieces 08, 2020, floureszierendes Plexi, Stahl, 150 x 45 x 45 cm; Foto: Michael Bogumil
Nezaket Ekici, Pars pro toto, Performance Installation 2019; photo by Andreas Dammertz
Julia Carolin Kothe, 'a blunt object or piece of clay dropped onto a hard surface with medium impact', shown at Tontine, Glasgow, UK 2019. © Julia C. Kothe
Pablo Schlumberger, Bar Putti, 2019, Styropor; 3D-Druck; Arylglas; Wasser; Beerbelly (falscher Bierbauch zum Schmuggeln von Getränken); Wasserfarbe, Marker und Dispersionsfarbe auf Holz. Photo: Michael Pfisterer
Nezaket Ekici, Kaffeeklatsch, Videoperformance 2019; videostill by Branka Pavlovic
Anna Korsun, Signals, for 14 moving performers with megaphones, 2019
Naomi Liesenfeld, No Title, 2019, ink on carrot pomace © Naomi Liesenfeld

The Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf offers artists and scholars as well as groups from the cultural and academic fields an international and interdisciplinary residency program.

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